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<tr><td align="center"><img src="https://imgur.com/Z1OzBxT.png"></td><td align="right">holy water cannot help you now<br>
see, i've come to burn your kingdom down<br>
and no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out<br>
i'm gonna raise the stakes<br>
i'm gonna smoke you out
</td><td align="center"><img src="https://imgur.com/9ewhdbU.png"></td></tr>
</table><table><tr><td align="center" class="catfield">Лис & Скворушка</td> <td align="center" class="catfield">сезон юных листьев</td></tr></table></div><img src="http://forumstatic.ru/files/001a/f6/9c/60236.png" class="ep-end"></div></center>